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The Twenty People You Meet In Hell Judith Ludwig

The Twenty People You Meet In Hell

Judith Ludwig

Published March 26th 2008
Kindle Edition
196 pages
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 About the Book 

Life offers many choices. Death offers only two: heaven or hell. With the increase in wars, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks, people are thinking more about their eternal destinies. There is a universalism idea prevalent in our society suggesting that nearly everyone goes to heaven, with exceptions for people like Adolph Hitler and Osama Bin Laden. This universalism theory has no biblical support.The truth is that most people, including many who call themselves Christians, will not inherit the kingdom of God. In The Twenty People You Meet in Hell, Ludwig presents the profiles of those the Bible clearly states will not be going to heaven. Readers will learn which sins are punishable by eternal damnation, why these sins are detestable to God, and how to escape the bondage of sin and receive Gods grace and forgiveness.Learn why you need to overcome addictive sins, not by your own strength but with Gods help. Find out how, thanks to Gods wonderful plan of redemption through Jesus Christ, your life and eternal destination can be changed. Most important, discover how to get off the road to hell and on the path to heaven.