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新日檢N5模擬試題+完全解析 (日語學習系列, 9) 林士鈞

新日檢N5模擬試題+完全解析 (日語學習系列, 9)


Published January 2011
288 pages
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 About the Book 

I used this book as part of my preparation for the JLPT N5 in late 2012 in Taipei. It contains three mock tests as well as an appendix with explanations and a CD. The book was a great help for me in preparing the first two parts of the test, as the range of vocabulary and grammar patterns are very close to what was required in the actual examination. However, I was quite disappointed with the listening part. The CD is, all in all, nicely produced, but the style in which the content is presented, differs from that in the actual JLPT. As opposed to the examples in this book, there are not only picture-related questions in the first three parts of the listening test, but also some that require the examinee to read all four answers during or before a dialogue is played. On a more personal note, I also thought that the content in the real JLPT was somewhat more difficult, especially in the fourth part of the listening test, as it did not almost exclusively consist of exchanges of common greetings and courtesies (which for some reason seem to have been the main focus areas of this part in the book) and instead contained some grammatically slightly more demanding dialogue. The explanations given in the analyses part are succinct and should help to clear up any remaining misunderstandings.