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Bird Stories

Mary Austin

Published March 1st 2010
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 About the Book 

According to Wikipedia: Mary Hunter Austin (September 9, 1868 - August 13, 1934) was an American writer of fiction and non-fiction. For 17 years she made a special study of Indian life in the Mojave Desert, and her publications set forth the intimate knowledge she thus acquired. She was a prolific novelist, poet, critic, and playwright, as well as an early feminist and defender of Native American and Spanish-American rights. She is best known for her tribute to the deserts of the American Southwest, The Land of Little Rain (1903). Her family moved to California in 1888 and established a homestead in the San Joaquin Valley. She married Stafford Wallace Austin on May 18, 1891 in Bakersfield, California. He was from Hawaii and a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. Their home in Independence, California, now a historical landmark, was designed and built by the couple.