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The Blotto Mckay Casebook Jem Scales

The Blotto Mckay Casebook

Jem Scales

Published July 1st 2010
Kindle Edition
372 pages
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 About the Book 

For ace whisky detective Torquil Blotto McKay, the fight against organised beverage crime seems never-ending. No sooner does he detain Blanche Le Blanc, the psychotic white wine terrorist, than Isobar Jones, ex-weatherman for channel 26 and brandy hooligan, hijacks tanker-loads of Burgundy. The battle against beverage criminals is definitely getting tougher, and he has to use all his resources to tackle the new threat from Opus Dae and the Soda Water Fundamentalists. Luckily Squiffy (Vanessa Cholmondely St John, champagne detective first class) and Petit Raymond of the SNBF can be counted on to even the odds and join the fray. Blotto also has a secret identity that he can call upon in times of dire need. Will it be enough? Or is time running out for our whisky detective...