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The Book Soul - 2014 ABNA Entry Rachel Mann

The Book Soul - 2014 ABNA Entry

Rachel Mann

Kindle Edition
18 pages
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 About the Book 

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) Entry - this eBook is a sample of the first 3,000-5,000 words- it is not the full book. The ABNA contest is operated on Amazon.com only. Visit this entry on Amazon.com to leave customer feedback. To vote for the Grand Prize winner starting July 8, visit www.amazon.com/ABNA.Elsie Shufflebottom is bored to begin with. As bored as a doornail on a door that no-one ever uses. Her life is one big long homage to the Gods of housework, with very little help and even less thanks. But— when rumours circulate that the town’s octogenarian librarian, Kerrigan Sheriwinkle, has died, this somewhat podgy, middle-aged and unlikely heroine stumbles across a sinister plot set to rid the world of books forever. When it transpires that Sheriwinkle is not in fact dead, but confused and childless, he implores Elsie to help him find his heir and protect his library from the money-grubbing mitts of gadget guru, and all round bad egg, Mr Sparkles. Sparklet Ltd is expanding and the library it seems would make a convenient storage space. Or so the electrical giant professes. In truth his motives are much more menacing. But nothing is ever straightforward. Apparently there are rules to heir finding. And the rules are all in a book called Providence that is hidden somewhere in the library. The first hurdle — finding the book. The second — finding that all the pages are blank. But all Elsie needs is a plan. That and the town drunkard, the husband of a pork-pie-loving midwife, a disgruntled horse named Clover, the local gossip, copious amounts of superglue and some shiny kitchen utensils. Oh— and of course the book. The book that tells the story of all those who have owned it. The book that has its own soul.